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Have you ever found yourself flipping through the TV channels and run across one of those sites where it looks like a scantily clad fellow with muscles out the wahzoo appears to be tumbling head over heels toward your lap?

Or, maybe it wasn’t an accident and you are the partner of one of those folks who frequently slap down their credit card for the WWE Pay Per View programming.

Maybe you are the lucky parent of a pre-teen or teenager who has just announced that he/she is trying out for the school wrestling team.

Whatever your motivation, if you can relate to any of those scenarios wrestling definitely has a place in your life.

Now, you can fight it or you can roll with the punches (no pun intended) and learn to sort out the difference between a “takedown” and an “escape.” And no, we aren’t talking about a bank heist!

All you need is a little education, and “Wrestling - A Beginners Guide” is just what the wrestling coach ordered!

It’s not that difficult to learn about wrestling and is actually pretty simple. Anyone can learn the basics and you can get started right away!

Before you know it you’ll be totally conversant in the lingo and ready to exchange intelligent conversation with the other parents at your son (or daughters) next school match.

“Wrestling - A Beginners Guide” may not prepare your child for Olympic competition but it will certainly make it easier to understand what’s going on down on the mat in the school gymnasium.

For instance, did you know that wrestling is the oldest known sport in recorded history? We know from ancient cave drawings that wrestling pre-dates ancient Grecian games. Some of those drawings show actual moves that are still used today!

Here’s a sample of what’s inside the digital pages of “Wrestling - A Beginners Guide:”

The History of Wrestling
Defining Different Wrestling Styles
Exploring High School Wrestling
College Wrestling
Amateur Wrestling
Professional Wrestling
Olympic Wrestling
Wrestling Gear, Shoes and Equipment
Wrestling Basics - Stance, Penetration, Lifting, etc.
Escapes & Reversals
Breakdowns, Rides and Pinning Combos
Freestyle Turns

For those folks who do not have a clue about the difference between amateur and professional wrestling and really have a need to know, “Wrestling - A Beginners Guide” is the perfect learning tool.

The discussion of safety can certainly set a parent’s mind at ease as they learn the precautions taken by school coaches to insure you child participates in a healthy competitive environment.

And for those who would just like to be conversant in the sport so they can support their partners hobby, “Wrestling - A Beginners Guide” will serve up a platter chock full of information that will amaze and bedazzle.

Don’t wait another minute. Grab your copy of “Wrestling - A Beginners Guide” and prepare yourself for the next match on TV or at your local school gymnasium.

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