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Are you the guy or gal that everyone wants to invite to their party? Do you have the ability to remember every joke you’ve ever been told? Are you the one whose parents call the family comedian?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, maybe you’ve harbored a secret desire to stand up on a stage and make people laugh. It’s okay everyone has dreams. And, unless you pursue your dream you’ll never know how successful you might be.

“So You Want to Be a Comedian” is the perfect resource to help you explore the possibilities that lurk right around the corner. There is nothing that compares with laughter as the perfect medicine. Knowing that you can make people laugh is priceless.

If you are really serious about pursuing comedy you need a roadmap to success. The chances are that your head is spinning with questions about how you can turn your talent into opportunity. “So You Want to Be a Comedian” has the answers to questions like:

What are the Six Styles of Comedy
How to decide what style is best for you
How to find comedy classes/coaches
Write your own material or hire a free lancer
How to work the audience
How to handle hecklers
Building your promo file
Should you hire a manager or agent
What is an open mike
Should you have a stage name
How to build a routine
What if someone steals your material
How to become your own publicist
How to book your gigs
Keeping it clean
Taping your sets

Don’t expect a book full of routines. You won’t find it in “So You Want to Be a Comedian.”

Instead you will learn how to build your own routines.

You also won’t find pages and pages of technical jargon, just easy to understand essentials designed to help you focus your energy exactly where it needs to be . . . learning the basics.

Learn how to take your own sense of humor and apply it to your routines instead of using stale overdone copycat material.

If you are not able to take what you learn from “So You Want to Be a Comedian” and put it work you probably should re-assess pursuing a career or even an avocation in comedy.

There is no easier way to discover whether comedy is right for you than by having a copy of “So You Want to Be a Comedian.”

But, if you are that person we talked about who can have a group of friends and family rolling on the floor with laughter, chances are you have a innate ability for comedy.

You may not be another Bill Cosby, Jay Leno or Robin Williams, but you can learn how to hone your talent for a local market or purely for your pleasure.

Comedy isn’t rocket science and if you are beginning with some natural ability then you owe it to yourself to answer those burning questions once and for all.

Don’t wait another minute. Grab your copy of “So You Want to Be a Comedian” and learn how to turn your ability into an avocation if not a full-time career.

You owe it to yourself to find out once and for all. Break a leg!

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