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Are you a parent of pre-teen or teenage children? If so, chances are pretty good that you have some idea of what kind of sports curriculum your child’s school offers.

It’s a good bet that unless it’s a large urban high school the sports department is severely lacking in resources as well as help. More than one youth sports program has risen out of this kind of adversity.

Whether you are interested in developing a full-blown neighborhood program or just helping your own kids sharpen their skills “Shootin’ Hoops” is a great jumping off point (pun intended).

“Shootin’ Hoops” is a clear, concise handbook on basketball basics as they apply to youth.

You can print out pages that apply specifically to the skill you want to target with your students.

We promise you the basics and that is what you get. Take a look:

Basketball Workouts – learn how to warm up properly before beginning play – head, arms, hips, quads, calves and more
Basketball Basics – Defense – how to move quickly form offense to defense
Basketball Basics – Offense – same as above in reverse – how to move quickly from defense to offense.
Basketball Basics – Dribbling – how to do it right
Basketball Basics – Passing – learn the right and wrong way and importantly, how to communicate with team members before execution
Basketball Basics – Playmaking – how to achieve perfection through preparation
Basketball Basics – Rebounding – learn the characteristics of a good rebound player
Basketball Basics – Shooting - learn how to do it right and know what type of shoot to use
Basketball Basics - Shooting Drills – what are some of the most effective shooting drills
Basketball Basics – Footwork - strong footwork is considered one of the basic skills of a good basketball player
Basketball Basics – Sweep – how are superstar basketball teams born? It all starts here
Basketball Basics - Mental Training – just as important as the plays how and where do you start
Basketball Plays – review some of the time-tested basketball plays that are sure plays when executed properly
High School and College Basketball – can it be a stepping stone to a college basketball scholarship?
So You Want to Go Pro? – how to prepare your students for this high stakes step

Now, there are no guarantees that your students will rise to the level of another Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. However, they can learn to be the best that they can be and “Shootin’ Hoops” is a tool that can help you to help them get there.

It doesn’t matter what level of expertise you are training there’s something here for everyone. The basics never go out of style and that’s what “Shootin’ Hoops” gives you – the basics.

Don’t wait. Get your copy now and start putting it to the test with your students tonight!

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